A personalised learning environment for every student...

SDS MyLearning Dashboard

SDS MyLearning is an online resource tool that pupils can use to create their own learning environment. This tool puts the learner in the driving seat and gives them space to develop their own tasks at their own pace.

They can set their own timelines for homework due, with room for notes, and links to topics and subjects for each year group so they always know where to find their work. At the touch of a button pupils can see their work build up to become their own network of knowledge.

They will learn valauable transferable skills such as Time management, Digital literacy, Research literacy and Grow in confidence as they Organise their time and school work efficiently and creatively.

This is a live digital book, which evolves with each piece of work and becomes the pupil’s personal school archive.

SDS MyLearning Work in Detail

Seth Says:

“I like having one place to find the online links to my schoolwork. It’s really useful for homework and saves time.”

Lukas Says:

“I like choosing the banner image for each subject. It makes it personal.”

One Place One Interface!

  • Organised Students Do Better In School
  • Coursework
  • Homework
  • Revision
  • Exam Preparation
  • Project work
  • Accessible Dashboard
  • E-library
  • Timetable
  • Calendar
  • World History Photo Archive
  • Current Affairs Globe
  • Online Subject Resource Library
SDS MyLearning
  • Pupil-Centred
  • School Driven
  • Parent Friendly

SDS MyLearning key features and functions...

SDS MyLearning
  • Create a website for each subject
  • Create pages for specific topics
  • Upload personal photos and other visuals
  • Download images from the Internet to add to text
  • Create personal projects within and beyond school tasks
  • Create links for exams within topics
  • Revise for tests and exams
  • Make audio recordings to help memorise
  • Set a timer for their work planning
  • Create timetables
  • Add links to AV material
  • 3D globe current affairs and news location finder
  • Access Google classroom or Teams from the home page

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